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What Exactly is A Jaxx Award?

It’s a testament to your VIP victories. 
From subscriber milestones to high ticket sales, our community knows how to commit to achieving business goals. 
Our clients’ results are so incredible that we wanted to reward them with a special token that serves as a reminder of their hard work!
That’s why, in 2020, we created Jaxx Awards, specifically for those visionary entrepreneurs who reach different VIP milestones inside of their journey with Jaxx Productions.
We measure success in 3 ways: 
Video: How many YouTube videos have you posted using our VIP Code strategy? If it’s 10, 30, or 60 - you’re on your way to a Jaxx Award! Upon application, you’ll be asked to simply link your YouTube channel so Team Jaxx can review and reward your content machine. 
Impact: We measure impact in a number of ways that differ depending on your industry and launch strategy! How many audience members have purchased a t-shirt, invested in your next course, or attended your live event? Upon application, you’ll be asked to submit a screenshot of your impact. Whether it’s subscribers, impressions, opt-ins, or customers - you’re ultimately impacting LIVES, and that should be rewarded! 
Profit: Okay, I’ll be honest - we use the term “profit” to round out the perfect “VIP” acronym, but we’re actually talking about revenue. Whether you’re hitting 60k months consistently or making your way to your first 7 figures, Team Jaxx is cheering you on. Upon application, you’ll be asked to submit a screenshot from Stripe, PayPal, or another proof of payment that demonstrates your VIP status. As your business grows and your cashflow catapults, Team Jaxx wants to reward your progress! 

Which Award Do You Qualify For?

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